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If you’re looking to build the RIG you want, we decided to present our top MiningCave accessories.

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25 X MC-Riser-6Pin Pack

Everybody in the world wants to be able to have more and more things in their lives. It is the same for our gadgets as well as other daily items in our lives. It is necessary to confront the issue of not having of a port in the motherboard. We at are the best supplier of such extensions like 25 X MC-Riser-6Pin Pack. We offer the top quality product that will increase the efficiency of your device.

What are the reasons to select us?

There are numerous reasons for choosing us as we don’t just sell the product, but we will also give you the correct instructions to use it. Our products are produced by the most skilled and experienced employees who have produced thousands of these products.

We also give you with a 30 day warranty in the event that your product is damaged and we will replace it with the new item. The most crucial thing our customers place with us when they make orders on our website. We do not compromise on the quality of our products . We we also provide the latest and top-quality products only.

description of the 25X MC-Riser-6Pin MC-Riser Pack

It’s a very easy and easy to use product. Following the directions inside the package, you are able to effortlessly connect it to your device. The package of this product includes three components, which are as follows:

25x PCI-E 16X adapter* 25x PCI-E 1X riser board
*25x USB 3.0 cable 60cm


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