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You will receive a ready machine to mine MiningCave BOX KIT Power Cooling that allows you to mine the most well-known and popular digital currencies, such as Ethereum, Monero, Zcash, Expanse, SiaCoin, Decred and many other currencies.

It is a MiningCave Power Cooling Series GPU BOX comes with 3 fans that are Antminer 120 MM each 6000RPM making this cooling box the most efficient of all and your card will run extremely cold, however the sound is like that of Antminer Asic Miner This box can hold up to six Fans, and your card will be smooth and cool.

All our RIGS have been thoroughly tested prior to delivery in a safe packaging.

mining has been simpler!



8 GPU Box-Kit Power Cooling

If you are looking for something that can make your digital currency mining at its top speed. Purchase a Box-Kit with 8 GPU Power Cooling which will not just help you make popular currencies extremely fast but also operate effortlessly. This will enable you draw currencies such as monero coin, ethereum as well as a variety in other currency.

We are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of product and service that we can provide. We also track the feedback and complaints of our customers to improve our services. We guarantee that the products delivered to you are percent authentic and are guarantee their authenticity.

Specifications for 8 GPU Box Kit Cooling Power cooling

The specifications for this product are:

1. The box has the same sound to the Antminer ASIC miner, and is easily controlled by remote control via your personal computer.

2. The product is capable of mining any currency algorithms.

3. The width and length of the product are 52 x 14.5 * 17.5 CM that is
super portable.

4. It can run with 120 v to 240 vac

Benefits from 8 GPU Box Kit Cooling Power Ice

    1. It is extremely convenient to use your OS choice and power source.
    2. The components are excellent and include 4GB of Ram DDR4, CPU Intel LGA1151 8X single or double PCIe-e 6 two pin connector. It has 3x asci 120mm fans with 6000 RPM each, and GPUs 40mm in width, and an extended length of 320mm maximum.


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