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Buy ANTMINER – DR3 – 7,8TH/S

The package includes a ready-to mine DR3 Blake256R14 miner which will enable you to mine some of the most popular digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and numerous other currencies.

The item is delivered directly from the manufacturing facility ( primarily in CHINA ) and customs duty are applicable depending the location of your residence. We invite you to read the terms and conditions of our website.

The process of mining is never so easy!




Antminer – DR3 – 7,8TH/S – DR3 Blake256R14

DR3 Blake256R14 Miner. If you’re a professional player in cryptocurrency mining and are in the habit of using the most popular cryptocurrency like Bitcoins and Dogecoins it’s simple to understand why you’ll need an upgrade of your hardware whenever you hear about it. This is your opportunity to import directly your mining equipment from China in a country where the popularity and demand for the product are extremely high. We are delighted with the news that we will offer the product only through our website.

We can guarantee you the authenticity and authenticity of the product. It will be directly delivered from China due to the manufacturing site. Therefore, you must pay for the shipping cost and customs duty in line to the price of the product.

Our Website Provides More than just Products, we also offer Guarantees:

1. Replace will be by our customers all the time by offering world-class shipping facilities and products that come with warranties.
2. We don’t just offer world-class shipping facilities, and packaging equipment, but we also have world-class facilities using advanced technology that safeguard your product during shipment across the world. To ensure that you do not have any issues or concerns
Once you have received the product on your doorstep. We also have tracking IDs for ourselves, which will put your life easier.
3. We also offer regular sales and offers to meet the needs of their customers in times of crises

The Product’s Features – Buy 8 GPU BOX-KIT V1

1. 293mm(L) 2.93mm (L) 130mm(W) and 187mm(H)
2. Weight total 3.83 kg
3. Run on AC 120V-240V
4. Hashrate: Blake256R14 +/ 7,8 TH/s
5. Power Consumption +1553wto 1553w


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