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It will come with a ready-to mine S17e Bitcoin Miner which will enable you to mine some of the most popular digital currencies, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and many other currencies.

The item is delivered directly from the factory ( located in CHINA ) and customs duty will be applicable based on the location of your residence. We invite you to read our conditions and terms.

The process of mining has never been simpler!




Antminer S17e – 60TH/S Power Provided

Are you in search of an effective mining machine for digital currencies? If so, then you’re reading the right article since we have the solution to your issue. We are the top manufacturer of mining equipment available and we are also able to assure you that our product is 100% original and only. You can place your order for Antminer – S17e 60TH/S Power Supply included on our website for an affordable price.

Are You Searching for a Real Antminer S17e – 60TH/S Power Supply Available Online?

This website ranks among the top-recommended websites on the web. Each item on our site is highly rated and has been put through a number of tests. Our website is highly individual and user-friendly. A lot of developers are working all day and night so that it is more appealing and user-friendly. Antminer S17e – S17e 60TH/S Power Supply Included is on sale on our site for a short period of time. The sale was conducted just prior to the launch of our product, so you will profit from the benefits of it.

Perks of our Products and Services

This product doesn’t need any additional assembly since it operates directly connected to the computer as well as the power source. It requires at least a 240V AC power source and weighs approximately 11.3kg. It is equipped with a high-end processor as well as other components included. It is fitted with the latest cooling technology so that you do not have to worry about taking any strain off the heating.


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