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World’s First 19-Slot Mining MotherboardMax out your megahash rates!

ASUS B250 Mining Expert is the first mining motherboard that has 19 PCI Express(r) (PCIe(r)) slots. It has 18 PCIe x1 and one PCIe x16 slot on the motherboard, and three ATX12V power connectors with zones B250 Mining Expert allows you to operate at least 19* NVIDIA or AMD GPUs simultaneously to increase your megahash rate!

* B250 Mining Expert is currently supported by a maximum of 8 NVIDIA as well as AMD GPUs. The number of GPUs will be supported after an update to the driver that is scheduled for Q4 of 2017.

mining has been simpler!




Asus B250 Mining Expert 19 GPU

Everyone nowadays is using smart devices. Each one of them is made up of a variety of important components. The most crucial device following processing is the motherboard because it is not just the home of the processor, but also various hardware components. Find the right motherboard to match your specific device and needs. We are the best seller of Asus B250 Mining Expert 19 GPU online on our website,

How do I Buy a Genuine Asus B250 Mining Expert 19 Gaming GPU?

If you are looking to purchase the Asus B250 Mining Expert 19 GPU If you are interested in purchasing it, you can go to our website to find numerous other products which can help. We are among the most well-known companies in the market to sell such top-quality items. The product is offered to purchase. The sale is held in response to the needs of our clients. Your order is required to be received as soon as is possible.

Description of our Product and Benefits

It is among the strongest motherboards ever made. It was among the first miner motherboards with 19 PCI Express slots. It has a large number of slots on the motherboard to ensure that you could add as much equipments to. You could also include an external graphics card or any other ram that is powerful for other tasks. The shipment of this item will arrive as soon as possible and will be delivered to your doorstep. It is not necessary to worry about the security of the product since we made as a special effort to ensure it’s the most secure. It is covered for 30 days during the warranty period and the product will be replaced when any problem is resolved.


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