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If you are looking to construct a RIG on your own, we figured to provide you with our best frame for your RIG MiningCave.

You will receive a fully assembled RIG that is ready to accept any components you choose. All of our RIGs are built with precision and are delivered in safe packaging.

With the RIG MiningCave, it is possible to maximize the space and improve the cooling capacity of your appliances.

The process of mining is never simpler!
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Combo H110 PRO BTC – RIG-Frame-12GPU

Why should you invest in Bitcoins directly via shares or stocks while you could mine Bitcoin in accordance with your algorithm and components? Our website can help you put together your system in terms of cryptocurrency, making your GPU more efficient and effective in terms of capacity for mining. There is always competition regardless of where you go, and it’s the same with the algorithms for mining cryptocurrency and calculations. The person with the most efficient equipment and software wins and takes all the money home. If you’d like to be one of them and have the software and algorithms in place, only need to build your own rig that will be the winner, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. We provide one of the most effective and safe crypto mining rigs.

Specificities in Combo H110 Pro BTC RIG-Frame-12GPU

1. The product is extremely modular in its frame since it’s Stackable.2. The standard features are 54 X 35 X51 CM consisting of length, and width with an overall weight of 6 kilograms of weight.
3. The parts you’ll receive in this package are
4. High-end silver aluminium mining frame which will allow the 12x USB 3.0 PCI and riser with 1X-16x adapter
5. It can also support 12 60cm USB with 12 PCI-e 1X Riser as well as 1X add2pcu.
6. It also comes with a Samsung motherboard screen for SSD GPUs along with an OneX motherboard H110 BTC 12 GPU that comes with the item.


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