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If you are looking to build the RIG of your choice, we figured to present our top frame for the RIG MiningCave.

You will receive fully assembled RIG with all the parts of your choice.All of our RIGs are built with precision and shipped in secure packaging.

With the RIG MiningCave You can maximise space and maximize the cooling capabilities of your appliances.

mining has been simpler!

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Combo H110 PRO BTC RFrame-8GPU

First, COMBO H110 PRO BTC RIG FRAME 8GPU. Mining cryptocurrency is an art and breaking the most complex algorithms isn’t simple. It’s always the case to buy the top product but offer 100 per cent in the assembly of hardware. If you’re looking to build your own cryptocurrency-related rig, this is your opportunity and take the plunge. In this highly competitive market, it is just a matter of playing with your whole heart and in your own shape to make the most of what you can get. With our assistance, you can achieve this effortlessly because we don’t just provide you with the 100% guarantee of testing products, but also the top shipping facilities with professional packaging to guarantee you the most excellent product in top condition, without Cape.

We try the time to care for our customers and customers as best we can by prioritizing their needs in order to ensure they’re not left out of our sites and services. We are confident that our website won’t let you down, so visit us now. Combo H110 PRO BTC – RIG-Frame-8GPU Specifications with top components

H110 RIG Frame The product comes with a unique specification and all components are properly balanced. It is available only through our website. It comes with:

1. Two frame stackable aluminium cryptocurrency rigs which support 8x USB3.0 PCI 1X to 16X extender riser adaptor, with 8x60cm USB as well as 8X PCI-e riser.
2. It also has the motherboard GPU SSD screws as part of the set and comes with the tangent feature that measures 35x68x35 cm, which includes length width and height, with 7kgs


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