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You will receive a ready to mine A6 Scrypt Miner which will permit you to mine the most well-known digital currencies, such as LiteCoin, Gamecredit, and many more currencies.

The item is delivered directly from the manufacturing facility ( located in CHINA ) Customs duties will be applicable based on the location of your residence. We invite you to read our conditions and terms.

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Innosilicon – A6 – 1,23GH/S

In the beginning, I would like to mention the A6 Scrypt Miner.

If you’re looking for something, or something to let you mine.

If you’re looking for Crypto mining currencies, you’re at the right spot.

Our website is specialized in this type of hardware. (1, 23GH/S, A+ INNOSILICON LITECOIN, LITECOIN MINER, LTC, LTC MINER) We are aware of the significance of Crypto mining equipment that can last for years with low energy consumption that allows you to mine the top and most well-known currencies on the web.

Crypto mining is becoming activity day-to-day because not many people know how important and special it is for anyone of those involved in crypto mining to create the most effective algorithm and give one 100 per cent. The people are part of this League. We are grateful for their efforts and encourage them to succeed in their endeavours.

offering the finest hardware that we can get from us. With long-lasting and robust hardware, we assure you that Crypto mining would never be as easy without our software.

Specifications for this product

1. It is manufactured to meet certain requirements in its top quality. It is customised through our website, not just to provide you with the top hardware, but also to offer the best power and durability that will last for a long time to provide you with even more.

2. The product can read a code of 1.23 gigahertz per second, with an energy consumption of 1500 watts and features tangible characteristics of 350 mm up to 50 mm, and 150 mm comprised of height and width with a total weight of 8.5 kg. It can operate with a voltage of 120V to 240V AC.

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    Anthony Richards

    Full Monitor and pc condition is very good at such a low budget! Thanks to the seller and thanks to the rider brother!

    February 17, 2022

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