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You will receive a fully-equipped for mining OBELISK GRN1 which will enable you to mine the most well-known digital currencies.

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Obelisk GRN1 402GPS Power Supply Included

If you’re in search of a product for a way to enhance the quality of your Crypto mining career, you must ensure that you’ve taken the correct path to successful. (420 GPS ASIC mining, ASIC, ASIC MINING, Cuckatoo31+, GRIN MINER, GRN1, OBELISK). If so, you’ve come to the right site. We offer multiple upgrades of equipment that can increase your productivity and ease of use when using software that is complex when mining coins.

If you’re not experimenting with new things, then consider this product because it’s not just going to give you an edge, but it is also an absolute gem to be found in Crypto mining. Most people follow the most popular brands, but they did not realize that other than one product is superior. Visit our site today and get yours today.

We don’t just provide the highest quality products, but also the most premium Quality Services

1. Our website is a delight for customers with the best orientation, making us a prominent and well-known website for Crypto mining agents.2. We do not only offer additional features like discounts and sales so that our clients and are able to benefit from purchasing the right product.
3. Additionally, we employ professional packaging techniques, along with top-of-the-line shipment facilities that can ship your item in a safe and secure manner anyplace in the world within 20 days.
4. Our products are tested 100% and come with a 30-day period guarantee.

Product specifications

  1. This item has a hash rate Cuckatoo31+ of +/-420GPSand the power requirement of 2200W. The dimensions are 135 x 170×400 millimetres and can also run at the 240V AC.
  2. This item comes with 1 One ASIC mining Obelisk GRN1420 GPS, as well as a Power supply, comes with.


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    Michael Zook

    I liked it so much I couldn’t even think of getting such a good thing at such a low price. Thanks everyone

    February 16, 2022

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