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Buy Power Cable 120V NEMA 5-15P 4FT

The power cord comprises 5-15P males at one end and a C13 female at the other. It is usually utilized to link a UPS or server to a PDU or wall outlet. The cables are made of UL mandatory plastic frame moulds, which improve connection alignment and create an extremely high-quality connector.

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Electric Power Cable 120V NEMA 5-15P, 4FT

The most significant thing that is happening in the world today is? It’s nothing more than the advancement of technology as well as other things. We cannot be without the internet and the latest technology for a moment. We’ve been selling this item for quite a while and have a very good reputation on the market. The internet is needed to transport from one location to another via cables. We are the best supplier of such cables. We can provide you with various products, among them 10 FT Blue Snagless, Cat5e Patch Cable is one of them.

What are the reasons to Select Us?

It is often hard to link the cable that connects an electronic device and the transmitter because of the distance between them. If that happens, either you must stretch your device up to the connecting point. In that case, you must adjust the positioning that your gadget is in. The cable we provide is 10 feet long and is able to assist you to connect your device to the socket. The cable is equipped with two male connectors on both sides which means that it is able to connect with the router as well as your devices with no issues. The plug is kind which is NEMA 5-15P (AC) to IEC-320-C13 [DEVICEThe cable is compatible with IEC-320-C13[DEVICE].

Benefits of Our Services

We offer our customers numerous benefits and services that last for a long time. Our greatest benefit is that our product shipping is worldwide with safe, professional packaging. Don’t delay because we’re having sales of this particular cable through our web site.


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