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This cable is made to convert any 8 pin PCI-E power cable into 2 x 6+2 pins PCI-E. Extend and splice your cable’s length from the power source to your PCI Express graphics card.

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Power Splitter PCI-E 8-PINS To 2x 6+2 PINS

Are you in search of smart switch devices? Then you’ve landed on the right site. We are the top provider of Power Splitter PCI-E 8-PINS To 2x 6+2 pins on the internet. You can visit our website as there you will be able to find many other relevant products for your use. This product allows making multiple connections and is easy. We only sell products made from extremely high-quality components.

Where can I buy Power Splitter PCI-E 8-PINS To 2x 6+2 pins?

Our website is highly recommended for the power supply since our site is the most trusted and most reliable source of this product on the market. Our website is evolving every day and is becoming more detailed and user-friendly. You can rely completely on our product since it has been tested numerous times and in severe and extreme conditions. We have a huge discount for our product on our website.

Our Services

If you purchase something, the first thing to do is to put it in place and we offer no-cost installation and a free first-time service too. The product is for sale. The sale is held due to the demands of our clients. Your order should be made as quickly as you can. There are 2 ports 6+2 available for connection, and all connections are made via wired only. It can take up to 3-4 business days to deliver the item.


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