This Certified Refurbished product has been verified and tested to perform and look as new. The refurbishing process involves functionality testing as well as simple cleaning and inspection and packaging repackaging.

The MiningCave Refurbished HP is the ideal machine for your master node and also for managing your farm.

All of our computers are thoroughly tested prior to delivery in secure packaging.

The process of mining is never so easy!


Refurbished HP COMPAQ 6300 PRO I5

We understand that you are addicted to your hardware too often and if you are happy with the hardware and algorithms of crypto mining, and the upgrade you are currently using, then the most efficient way to use the hardware you have is re-build it. However, rehabilitating it yourself could be risky as it’s not properly cared for and handled.

What can you do to fix this issue? You can purchase it on our site and get the exact product that you are looking for. In addition, we offer the most recent innovative and high-quality customization that we offer in our top-quality products. Certain things we like to place our trust in and even If those items are outdated, or out of fashion, no problem We make them happen by innovating updating with the same look and features we would like to see and also keep the product in our hearts.

The terms and conditions for this item

  1. Refurbished HP Compaq 6300 Pro 15 is a device that runs Windows 7 and has an amazing Intel Core 15 quad-core 3.2 3GHz processor and an internal hard drive of HDD 250G with 4GBof RAM.
  2. The four SATA connectors and one port for output to display One port are to VGA and 4 ports that support USB 3. a port to connect Ethernet.
  3. It comes with tangent characteristics like the weight of the piece is 7.57 kg, which is comprised of 33.7 X 35.56 10.16 10.16 as width length and height.
  4. It is able to operate from 120 V to 120 V AC to 240 V AC.
  5. It also includes an electronic keyboard and mouse.


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