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This SAPPHIRE VEGA 56 8GB Special Edition Graphics Card is developed to improve efficiency and performance using FinFET Process Technology 12nm.

mining has been so easy!



Refurbished Sapphire AMD VEGA 56 8GB

First Refurbished, I’m going to get a Refurbished Sapphire AMD VEGA 56 8GB

We are aware that purchasing regular equipment to use for Crypto mining can be costly for you, so why not buy new equipment, you can refurbish it with cleaning and customizations, making your old equipment as brand new as it could be at a reasonable cost. Our site also offers users refurbished items including cheap-use and graphic cards to assist you in mastering this art Crypto mining.

Everybody has their own way of proving what is optimal for them. This sets the stage to be successful. when you’re not able to purchase better hardware, then the only method to avoid bitterness is to repair it instead of dragging the hardware you have. So don’t pass up the chance of this item and purchase it today as there are only a few units available and you can expect professional handling remains the product. It is carefully tested and tested to our stringent guidelines for checking.

The specification this product possesses

1. It’s extremely efficient with the 12 nm process technology, which optimizes the performance of your device. The device features a memory clock of 800mhz, with an 8GB memory and a memory interface of 2048 BIT using the HBM2 type.

2. It is compatible with PCI Express 3.0 with the connection of 2x HDMI with multi-monitor support of up to 4 monitors as well as 2x Display ports 1.4.

3. It comes with an API direct x and direct 12 / open Gl 4.5 with three cooling fans and power consumption of 200w or more.


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    Brett McGarry

    REFURBISHED SAPPHIRE AMD VEGA at a low price are great in a word. I will get headphones at this price but I never thought I would get such a good one. Everyone can take it if they feel good.

    February 12, 2022

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