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If you are looking to construct the RIG you want, we decided to present our fantastic MiningCave frame.

The frame you receive will be a complete frame, ready to be fitted with any components you choose. All our RIGS are constructed with care and are supplied in a safe and secure package.

With the MiningCave framesyou maximise space and maximize the cooling capacity of your appliances.

mining has been simpler!

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Frame & RIG 12GPU 2. Power Supply

A lot of times, you’ve realized you’d like to put in another graphic card or another item into your computer but are you aren’t able to do it. We have been marketing this service for quite a while and have made a solid reputation in the marketplace. We sell some of the best quality products that may help you to add extra cards.

Put Your RIG’s Original Frame – 12GPU 2. Power Supply Online?

There are many options to purchase this product in the market that is not open to the public or on the internet. Our staff is highly skilled who put together all the components precisely. We encourage you to check out our website since we are the top source of this. We we also provide a guarantee for our items.

We also offer sales on our products based on response to the needs of our customers. Currently, there is a huge sale on our site. Go to our site and take advantage of the sale as quickly as you can. We have created a chatbot that will assist you with all your questions and issues when it is your first visit to our website.

Our Services and Product description

The product lets you connect multiple boards with PCIe ports in your motherboard. The dimensions of this product are 54 35 x 50 cm [L x W x H] and weigh about 6kg. The product is made up of various parts, such following

Screws for Motherboard/GPU/SSD are included. are included


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